Office Rental on Ave. Balboa, Bella Vista Torre Bicsa, 1,000m2

16,000.00 Monthly

Avenida Balboa, Bella Vista

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Property Type: Offices
Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 1000 mt2 16 Parking


Building: Bicsa Financial Center
Location: Ave Balboa and corner Ave. Aquilino de La Guardia
Footage: 1,000m2
Office Description:
• Work is delivered in gray
• View facing the sea
• 5 bathrooms
• 16 parking spaces
• Maintenance $2,000.00

Building Description:
• All office floors have a beautiful oceanfront.
• 8 elevators with high-speed advance destination system exclusive for the use of the office tower. With stops on the hotel's amenities floors (restaurant, gym, beauty salon and spa) for easy access from the tower.
• More than +900 parking spaces for owners with independent entrance and 250 parking spaces for visitors to the office tower.
• Access controls for entry to the different points of the office tower, as well as a security checkpoint and security post in the lobby.
• Sprinkler system (sprinkle system) in all common areas and provisions for offices, two pressurized emergency stairs.
• Air conditioning system with cooling towers and demand controls, which reduces energy consumption. Only the water required by the total consumption of the tower is cooled (DDC System). Frequency Variators in the water pumps, these systems together allow you to use your offices at any time you want without having to have a special permit to turn on your air conditioners, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
• Hydronic (or cold water) system for office cooling, this represents the advantage of low water consumption as it is a closed circuit; In addition to uniformly concentrating the temperature which reduces energy costs, it does not produce noise or bacteria in the system. With this technology, energy consumption is reduced by 25% compared to direct expansion systems, in addition to being faster and more efficient both in terms of energy and comfort. It is an environmentally friendly system since the fluid that spreads through the building is water, which does not produce a greenhouse effect.
• The entire tower has reflective laminated glass systems on its facades which reduce the entry of radiant solar energy and noise. In addition to the significant reduction of harmful ultraviolet radiation or UV rays that are responsible for the deterioration of furniture and carpets, among others.
• Water reserve for a minimum of eighteen hours with total building demand
• Fine and modern design of granite finishes in all office lobbies and a majestic main lobby with fine Italian finishes.

Rental price: $16,000.00 + ITBMS
NOTE: photos for reference only

  • Property ID: OPANZ2.4.24.2
  • Lot Size: mt2
  • Building Area: 1000 mt2
  • Price: 16,000.00
  • Price per Area: 16.00
  • Bedrooms:
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • Parking: 16



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